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The sand, sea, sun and turquoise waters and under water coral gardens and the full moon nights are the spice of an idyllic tropics awaits you in Maldives - The Sunny side of Life. As to explore the paradise on earth and the tours gives the fur flanged dream of Maldives.

Island Hopping

Let us take you to a local island and a nearby resort for you to compare the differences. Meet the friendly people of these tiny islands and explore their way of life. Feast on a picnic island to get the feeling of Robinson cruise.


Capital Tour

It’s an opportunity to explore the small capital city of Maldives, A glimpse on the history of Maldives and the current affairs of Maldives. Also it’s an opportunity to do some shopping at the busy capital and also to see the life style of vibrant Maldives.


Snorkeling tour

The coral reefs and the crystal clear 98% waters compose of vibrant arrays of fishes and faunas. Explore the underwater life with thrills and with no complex training. The plentiful fish and the multi colored corals on delicate areas are been explored on this tour.


Sunrise Dolphin

As the dawn breaks dolphins gather to feed and this movement of dolphins with the sunrise is a picture perfect moment to begin your days in Maldives. Sunrise cruise on the traditional dhoni (slow moving boat) is a typical experience for every traveler.

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  • 04Sunrise Dolphin
  • 05Big Game Fishing